QEST Apprentice

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Enna Coates has been with us for six months prior to being awarded a QEST apprenticeship. Following a degree in English Literature from Warwick University, Enna - whose parents are craft potters - took a course in Fine Craftsmanship at Warwickshire College. Each year only a very small number of applicants are granted a QEST apprenticeship or scholarship. QEST strives to make a difference to the lives and careers of crafts people whilst maintaining the very highest standards in craftsmanship. Every single recipient of a scholarship, over the past twenty-six years, acknowledge that QEST provided the essential turning point in their careers. At Sitting Firm we are delighted to be involved with the scheme.

Here is Enna being guided by Master Dave Green through various processes: fitting sticks to a Double Bow Windsor, setting up the Brusa sander and changing its belt, and operating the copy lathe and pillar drill.
These are just some of the skills that Enna will become expert in during her apprenticeship with us.